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Q. What is an AWG?

A. An AWG is a filetype which AW build 963 introduced. These are created and used within AW, and are used to save a clump of objects together and then dumping copies of it elsewhere. In other words, it's an import/export system for clusters of objects.

Q. How do I create and place one?

A. To save one, you must select at least 2 objects, and then click the 'Save Object Group' button in the object properties window. To load one, select (right click) an object (this is known as the base object), and then click the 'Load Object Group' button, located in the Location section of the object properties window.

Q. How does AW determine how to position the new clump?

A. When you select the objects to save, AW takes the 6 outmost objects' (left, right, forward, back, up, down) axis point's position, and calculates the center. When you load the awg file, the axis point of the base object becomes the clump's center point it created. See: Centering AWGs Guide

Q. How do I place the clumps provided on SW City Builders' Academy?

A. First, download the zip files you want from the Toolbox and extract it to where ever you'd like. Read the base object placement instructions, which explains how the object will be placed exactly. Most clumps come in 4 directions, represented by the the suffix in the file name - west, east, north, south. This is the direction the clump will face, so you don't have to rotate it later. Simply position the base object as the instructions say, and load up the proper facing awg file, and that's it!
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