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Ultimate Survey Bot

The Ultimate Survey Bot would have the following features... most likely missing stuff, this is just a rough outline so far.


Survey Zone

  • Allow specific zone-rectangles to be surveyed within the world.
    • "Choose corners" selection
      • NW corner, SE corner, bottom altitude, top altitude - creates 3D rectangle zone.
  • If no altitudes selected, it surveys all altitudes (-1000m to 1000m) within coordinates.

Filters How well the filters work will make-or-break the bot. It is very important to have the filter features perfectly implemented. :O

  • Specify object date ranges
    • eg. Select all objects built between Date1 and Date2
  • Specify citizen numbers
  • Specify specific objects
    • Only want objects built by citizen #308403 and #306637, say.
  • Find specific strings in action/descrip boxes

All these filters must work together, to allow for very specific filtering. eg. Selecting all wall001.rwx with "Hello!" in the description, "create texture flat2" in the action, built by citizen 308403 and built between August 10th, 2006 at 10:20pm VRT and July 21st 2007 at 1:42am VRT.

Map Display

  • Program could display rough map of area that was surveyed...maybe like Xelagot (had excellent map display features for filtering, etc) where it displayed cells by how full they were. The more full they were, they more red they were.. or even a more advanced display like Mapview by Andras. Always nice to have a visual of where you've surveyed.


  • Being able to save and load survey files is important. Useful for relocating/backing up builds.

Replace / Delete


  • Replace Models
    • eg. Turn all wall001.rwx into wall010.rwx.
  • Replace Action
    • eg. Replace create texture flat1 with create color blue.
  • Replace Description
  • Replace Citnumber on Objects
    • Good for world-owners / caretakers.

Using the specific filter functions, you should be able to do replacing on specific searches, such as replacing all the create animate me vineceil. 1 1 0 to create texture vineceil on walk06h.rwx models only.

Searches for actions/descriptions should be specific as well. YASBB has a problem where, if you cue a replace for "create name a" it will replace such strings as "create name a1", "create name adver" etc.

There could possibly be an option to do "specific" string which would toggle between these two as the latter could have its uses (scanning and replacing all Descriptions that start with "Golden Log" say, where there are numerous golden logs.. "Golden Log #1", "Golden Log#15" etc.).


  • Delete Models
  • Clear Action
  • Clear Description

Again, delete would have to work with the specific survey filter functions. You could filter down a survey to include very specific models which could then be cued for deletion.

V4's (Particles, Zones, Movers)

  • Mass Edit
    • Menu would allow for mass-edit of perfectly similar zones/particles/movers.
      • Say you had 25 flame emitters in one area, and just wanted to slightly adjust the color on them
      • Say you had 40 zones and wanted to make them all Block world light.
      • Say you had 5 cars, wanted to change the top speed on each.
      • etc... etc....


  • Surveys retain original position when taken.
  • To move a survey / build it in another area.. you should simply add in the center of the new coords you want. Xelagot made you calculate distances from the original survey position and that was unacceptable ;)
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