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The Ultimate AW User Guide
Ultimate AW User Guide

Hyper Anthony (Anthony Neace)
Version 1.2
Released: October 23 2010 (1st Released: October 1 2009)

1.1 Contents

	1.1 Contents
	1.2 What is the Ultimate AW User Guide?
	1.4 List of Features
	1.5 Download
	1.6 Installation
	1.8 Special Thanks
	1.9 Contact Information

1.2 What is the Ultimate AW User Guide?

The Ultimate AW User Guide is a modification made to the official AW User Guide which enhances it by adding newer, more relevant categories and new features such as wiki inclusion and a comprehensive teleports list. It is easy to install and free to use. It is also simple to customize for your own needs.

This takes the place of the existing user guide, which may be found in the AW tabs menu by pressing F9 and looking under the 'User Guide'/'Help' tab.

The Ultimate AW User Guide won a Cy Award on November 13, 2010 for Best Bot/Software. Thanks everyone for using and recognizing the user guide as a helpful resource! :)

1.3 List of Features

  • Collapsible folders containing information and links.
  • Current Build Data and Information concerning new features to the Browser
    • Basic Moving Assistance
  • Prominent Links to Official AW Sites (Forums, AWCommunity, etc.)
    • Follows Monthly Newsletter
  • Integration of most informative links to the ActiveWiki to allow for easy, real time updates to the information presented to the user.
  • Comprehensive listing of
  • Comprehensive listing of the SW City Network
    • Useful in-browser links for SW City Interactive Players.
    • Easy access sub-forums to AWG downloads.
  • Comprehensive guide concerning Bots, Utilities, and the SDK.
    • Gives users a base for learning how to use and maneuver the SDK.
    • Includes useful reference section in the SDK category.
    • Includes links to all single/multiple use bots I could find.
  • Comprehensive guide concerning activities and games in the Active Worlds Universe.
    • Includes weekly events and gives in-guide information as to their whereabouts and times.
    • Each Gaming World is given its own section with teleports and important links.
  • Comprehensive guide concerning building.
    • Gives users a step-by-step, structured listing of important building topics, where to learn how to build, etc.
    • Includes all aspects of object scripting.
    • Breaks specific topics down into order of difficulty.
    • Lists and defines the Public Building Worlds.
  • Comprehensive guide to World Owning
    • Explains worlds to new users who may want to buy a world; gives them easy charts for reference and eventual purchase
    • Detailed World Administration section; includes definitions for world features and rights.
    • Detailed explanation of World Hosting and lists available world hosts.
    • Detailed World Utilities List.
    • Detailed Object Path listing -- includes free downloads and lists 3rd party sources.
  • Comprehensive Teleport List
    • Includes Alphaworld, AWTeen, Yellow, Winter, and other PBWs.
    • Details areas for builders.
    • Gives simple information for each area listed.
    • Includes wiki links or web links to most areas.
    • Includes teleports to reference yards.
    • Highly comprehensive listing of SW City sites.
  • Original AW User Guide for reference.

1.4 Download:

You may download the Ultimate AW User Guide from the following link:

1.5 Installation:

Unzip the files and export them to:

C:/ > Active Worlds > Help

Replace default.awh with the default.awh file in the zip and restart Active Worlds. This also applies if you wish to install a new version of the Ultimate AW User Guide -- always replace default.awh!

If you want to keep a backup of the old default.awh, you may rename it and leave the renamed file in the Help folder.

1.6 Special Thanks:

Hyper Anthony - Compiled Guide

Bach Zhaa - Creating so many of the resources that were included in this guide

Kenneth - Suggesting the World Owner guide.

Tunablues - Directing me to AWSchool resources

1.7 Contact Information:

If you have questions or especially if you would like to see a new feature added, please telegram Hyper Anthony (#350539)

Or alternatively, e-mail me at hyperanthony at gmail dot com.

1.8 Contributions

Community contributions and continued support for the Ultimate AW User Guide can be found at

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