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SW City Network

Note: Use the Interactive Character Generator to quickly and easily create your own characters. If you are interested in the mechanics behind the generator keep reading, otherwise you are wasting your time.


Through the use of URL headers, anyone can make their own basic SW City Interactive style non-player character (NPC).


Here's an example URL of a dynamically created NPC:$g.__You're__$u,__yes?__Welcome__to__Faldon__Village.__My__name

Using line-breaks separates each piece for easier reading:

The following NPC is is the end-result. Since my character nickname is Sam Snacks and my gender is male, it inserts the appropriate data:

Click here to see the end product of this code. (must be logged into SW City Interactive)


Here are the parameters that you can specify within the character URL with an explanation of what each does:

d specifies the dialog field. Within the dialog you can specify the following variables:

  • __ (double underscore) or | -- Prints a space.
  • $i -- Prints the NPC's own name.
  • $u -- Prints the players name.
  • $c -- Prints a comma. This is necessary because the Active Worlds software will think you're trying to move onto the next action command.
  • $sc -- Prints a semicolon, for the same reason above.
  • $g -- Prints a gender specific word, which you specify (explained below). The gender of the user is determined based on their SW City Interactive profile information.

cn specifies the character name of the NPC which is displayed above its profile picture in the left-sidebar. Default value: SW City Resident.

p specifies the URL of the profile picture. If none is specified, a generic image is used. The picture should be 104 x 144. Alternatively, you can simply enter "n" to completely remove the picture.

mw specifies the male word to use, if $g is used in the dialog. Default value: sir

fw specifies the female word to use, if $g is used in the dialog. Default value: m'am


  • Always start off your URL with this standard code: activate url
  • Place a & to seperate the parameters from each other. Example: d=Hello!&cn=Bob
  • End all your in-world URL's with target=aw_3d to make sure the character opens up in the Active Worlds 3D window.
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