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Robbie's Sign Generator will convert a url string into a graphic sign for display in AW. Whereas AW's built in sign generator only allows one font and little control, this script allows you to use any font available on the domain, specify the positioning, rotation, background image, borders, and of course colors.


Because this uses the picture command instead of the sign command, these signs must be placed on picture accepting objects. There are three parts to the url.

Part 1

The first part is the location of the script. Here are two locations:

Part 2

In any php script, part 1 and part 3 must be seperated by a '?' symbol. Simply add a '?' mark.

Part 3

Now you specify all the commands to the sign. One available command is 'text'. To use it, simply write "text=hello". You can add more commands, just seperate them with '&' symbols. For example 'text=hello&font=verdana'.


  • text - This is the actual text you want to appear on the sign. Use the variables below to write special characters. e.g. - text=hello+world!
    • + - writes a space
    • | - starts a new line
    • $a - writes an ampersand (&)
    • $c - writes a comma
    • $sc - writes a semicolon
  • font - This is the font to use to display the given text. Available fonts on are available here.
  • tsize - This is the size of the font in pixels. Integer (0-255)
  • bgcolor - This is the background color of the image. (Format: RRR-GGG-BBB) e.g. '255-0-0' = red
  • tcolor - This is the color of the text in the image. (Format: RRR-GGG-BBB) e.g. '0-0-255' = blue
  • width - This is the width of the image. Integer (1-512)
  • height - This is the height of the image. Integer (1-512)
  • tx - This is the x-axis for the positioning of the text. Integer (0 - width)
  • ty - This is the y-axis for the positioning of the text. Integer (0 - height)
  • tspin - This is the amount in degrees to rotate the text. Integer (-360 - 360)
  • border - This adds a border of a specified width around the image. Integer (1-50)
  • bdcolor - This specifies the color of the border. (Format: RRR-GGG-BBB)
  • jpg - This specifies the background texture. This only works with files in the pics or tex folder on If you want painting5.jpg in pics, use 0|painting5. If you want door21.jpg from the tex folder, use 1|door21. 0 = pics directory, 1 = tex directory.

There are also 2 commands you can use that have no arguments:

  • inv - Calling this command without using 'bgcolor' or 'tcolor' will invert the default color scheme from 'black on white' to 'white on black'.
  • rainbow - Calling this command will cause the colors of the image to be randomly generated each time. This command was designed to work with the 'create picture [url] update=x' feature in AW.


  • For color arguments, you can simply write the following colors out instead of writing out the full RRR-GGG-BBB code:
    • red
    • green
    • blue
    • black
    • white


create picture!&font=walkway&ty=64&tx=8&tspin=5&width=128&height=128&tsize=25

create picture|sign-blank1.jpg

create picture|door28.jpg&font=base&tsize=16&tx=35

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