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Graphics, ads and sounds for use.
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Potential Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • 200 coordinate Particle Bug 4.2
  • Right Click Crash.
  • Shadows interfering with Masks.

Building/graphic feature

  • Day/night cycle.
  • Web browsers being able to pass on action code to AW. (Request Thread)
  • Multiple textures per object (using tags).
  • Move command improvements (waypoints, curves).
  • Seamless audio looping.
  • Better signs (fonts 4.2, texture backgrounds, transparent backgrounds)
  • New Object Type: Primitives. Creates basic shapes on-the-fly.
  • Mask colors (create color [color] mask=[mask]) (Request Thread)
  • Multiple object selection and edit (eg. select any number of objects and change the texture on them all at once) (Request Thread)
  • Volume tag for sound/noise commands. eg. create sound fart.wav vol=0.2 = 20% volume level.
  • Object scaling 4.2
  • Mipmapped Pictures 4.2


  • Shadows (object shadows 4.2, avatar shadows 4.1, cloud shadows)
  • Extend max vis range
  • Reflective or glossy effects 4.1

Building Interface Features

  • Larger/Resizable Description and Action text-boxes. (Request Thread)
  • Cell grid display improvements.
  • Shorter commands. (Request Thread)
  • Create seed object button.
  • Rotating zones & particles
  • Zone fade when entering/exiting.
  • Add textures to model particles. (Request Thread)
  • Cell space statistics display. 4.2
  • Objects following object axis when moving. 4.1

Non-building related features

  • User content/config stored in common directories (eg my docs)
  • Avatar fade in/out customization
  • Global, server side teleport list
  • Slash commands (Request Thread)
  • Pickup multiple movers
  • Clickable Coordinates in Chat window (Request Thread)
  • Longer world names
  • Transparent chat/download/tab windows. Allows less clutter and bigger 3d view window. (Request Thread)
  • Industry standard chat channels (Request Thread)
  • Custom Avatars for all 4.2
  • Telegrams Sent History 4.2
  • Selectable number of screenshots to take with screenshot function in user settings
  • Compression-level slider for jpg screenshot function

Non-browser related features

  • Integrating AW's official resources into the browser
  • Tourist building in Alphaworld
  • Enable v4s for everyone in Alphaworld and all other public building worlds
  • Overhaul AWGate
  • Bringing back AW Mapper AlphaMapper
  • Global chat bot in Alphaworld AbMo Phonebot
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