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Mover Essentials

Movers aren't very newbie friendly. They're seemingly buggy and very clunky to get working. Here are some common problems you'll probably come across, and what to do about it.

Linked Movers

These are regular objects linked to the mover object, so you can sort of construct your own vehicles.

  • The mover object must have a tag name, and you must check linking enabled. Note that this checkbox will uncheck when you load it as an .AWG, so be sure that it's checked.
  • The normal objects must have the action code create link __ where __ is the tag name used in the previous step.
  • The linked objects cannot be more than 10 meters away from the mover object.
  • The maximum number of linked objects depends on the amount of data they use, similar to cell space. You can usually get between 20-32 objects linked. Use a short tag name to conserve space.
  • Before using the mover, it must be reset every time you edit or add to the linked normal objects. To reset it, just edit it in any way (such as moving it, and moving it back). Resetting it basically refreshes it so that it looks for all the objects to link to. Alternatively you can just bounce.
  • If it's not working at this point, try checking Lock av pos.
  • If it's still not working, remove the mover object's tag name, unselect the object, reselect, and re-enter it.
  • If worse comes to worse, remove the mover object's tag name and unselect "Linking Enabled", then change the tag name on all linked objects. Finally, re-enter the mover's tag name on the mover itself and recheck "Linking enabled."

Multi-passenger Movers

Here are some things you should about multi-passenger movers:

  • To enable a multi-passenger mover, uncheck single rider and check lock av pitch. Unchecking lock av pos is recommended.
  • In order for a passenger to ride, they must be touching the mover object and then click it. For this reason, it's recommended to make the mover object something easy to stand on like a floor object.
  • Unless the mover was built under a CT account, only you or someone under your privilege password may pilot your mover. Also, you'll still be able to pilot your own movers even if you're under someone else's privilege password. Passengers on the other hand can ride, even without being on your priviledge password. Even tourists may ride along.
  • If a passenger under your privilege password hops onboard, they'll "hijack" the mover and take the controls.
  • If your passengers simply cannot get onboard, have them restart AW and try again.

Pick-up Movers

  • You can view the list of numbers that relates to each body part by viewing the Avatar Tags guide.
  • You may notice your objects falling apart when you move around with them. To fix this, select the mover object and align it by pressing 'the number 5 on your Numpad aka "NumPad5" (with numlock disabled).
  • For some reason, if your pickup mover is not working, try checking use object tag, unselect the object, reselect, and uncheck it.

Other Notes

  • Only you or someone under your priviledge password may use your mover unless it was built under a CT account.
  • Teleporting with a mover is, to be blunt, buggy. It may or may not work no matter what you try. If you're having a hard time with it, try teleporting a different way. For example, join someone, teleport directly using the teleport to... dialog box, or use an object teleporter.
  • Objects with moves applies cannot be linked. Rotates, however, are allowed.
  • Particle emitters can be linked by giving them the same tag name and checking link to mover.
    • Only the particle emitter is linked to the mover, not the particles themselves. So if your linking a static particle that doesn't move, you'll have to use a fast release timing so the emitter is constantly rebuilding it.
    • Particle rotations are not dynamic, so they cannot be altered when the mover rotates.
    • If a particle emitter is not linking correctly to a mover, try removing its tag name and unselecting "Link to Mover", then remove the mover's tag name and unselect "Linking enabled." Then re-add the tag name to the particle and reselect "Link to Mover" and re-add the tag name to the mover and reselect "Linking enabled."
  • You can make the mover object invisible by using an invisible object such as xchsqua1.rwx. This is useful if stock objects are not usable with your mover construct.
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