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Movement References

This is a simple listing which defines how an object is manipulated exactly from varous functions in AW such as moving it or rotating it. For reference, one click is pressing the key or button one time.

Movement Distances

  • 1 click:


  • 1 shift-click:


  • 1 ctrl+shift-click:


  • 1 click rotation:


  • 1 shift+click rotation:


  • 1 ctrl+shift+click rotation:


Other References

  • In the rotate action command, the number represents RPMs (rotations per minute).
  • In the move action command, and mover waypoints, the number represents meters.
  • In world coordinates, each coordinate is 10 x 10 meters.

Conversion References

  • 160.9 coordinates is one mile.
  • 6.36 x 6.36 coordinates is one acre.
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