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Interactive Doors

Apply this code to a door. Negate the rotation value to change door's direction. Replace the blank with the url to the door opening sound effect.

activate rotate -10 time=1.5 wait=5 smooth,noise _____.wav

Use this if you want the door to make a closing sound effect. The first blank is the open sound effect, the second is the texture of the door (leave this blank for stock door objects, or doors with picture textures), the third is the time in milliseconds the door takes to close, and the forth is the door closing sound effect.

activate rotate -10 time=1.5 wait=5 smooth,noise ____.wav,animate me ____. 1 1 ____,astart;adone noise ____.wav

If you want it so everybody can see the door open, add global at the end. E.G. activate noise blah.wav global. Global only needs to be in the code once per object.

If you want it so only you can open the door, add the lock command. E.G. activate lock,noise blah.wav.


Common door open sound:
Common door close sound:

Sample Code

create picture;activate rotate -10 time=1.5 wait=5 smooth global,noise,animate me . 1 1 7000,astart;adone noise

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