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Some features and settings within the AW browser are not configurable via the options interface. This is usually because the features were intended for purposes outside the scope of the "average everyday user" and could potentially lead to undesirable affects if used incorrectly. This guide goes over known tweaks.

The file is named aworld.ini and is located in the same directory where AW is installed. Open it in notepad or your favorite text editor. Chances are the below settings are not in your .ini file, so you will need to add then. It is not order-sensitive, so just copy them at the end of the document.


To remove usernames from their position over an avatars head, simply make the following change: omit_render=1

This is useful for videos or promotional images in which usernames would preferably be hidden.


The geometry setting was added in build 1182 and allow users to manipulate the surface settings on all objects. The default is:


The *_mul values are a multiplier to the settings read from the geometry file, independ of its format. The values' range is from 0.1 to 3.0. The *_min values are the lower limits for the settings read from the geometry file, independ of its format. The values' range is from 0.0 to 1.0. The values for bump_coef can be used as a multiplier for the intensity of bumpmaps defined within RWX scripts (Texture <tname> bump <bname>). The values' range is from 0.1 to 10.0.

In order for changes to apply, you will need to dump your world's cache first.

For Alphaworld users, a recommend configuration is:



Build 1159 introduced the option to extend the maximum visibility from 200m to 500m, but only via the .ini tweak. Adding the below will enable your browser to view up to 500m:



AW appends a number in the filename of each screenshot you take. Once the last number is reached it will loop around to the beginning and overwrite images. You can change the max number here:



When shadows were first introduced, the only way to change the shadow quality was via the .ini tweaks. Build 1016 introduced shadow quality settings via a quality slide-bar, however if you demand maximum control over the specifics, you can adjust it here. The below settings are the defaults when the quality bar is at max:



Build 981 introduced the option to select more objects simultaneously. This is useful if you're working on large AWG clusters or need to do a lot of deleting:

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