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Functional Clocks

Apply the code below to an object that rotates like a clock hand would (pole4m.rwx, p1rec0025d.rwx, etc). You will have to make three hands, with each hand containing the code below. The code below syncs up to the universe clock, so they will represent the correct time in-world.

Seconds Hand: (1 rev per minute)

    create rotate 0 0 1 sync

Minutes Hand: (1/60 rev per minute)

    create rotate 0 0 0.016666666 sync

Hours Hand: ((1/(60*60))/2 rev per minute)

    create rotate 0 0 0.00138888 sync

Rotation Direction

For clocks facing directly South and West, the rotation numbers will be positive. For clocks facing directly North and East, the rotation numbers will have a negative added infront.

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