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Dual Image (Billboard) Ads

These ads span a number of picture objects across and are perfect for giving an area a bit of real-world zing. Can be used in conjuction with the Billboard AWG's.

Cybercola: (CosmicTruth)

AWNews: (maki)

Syncraft Breezer: (Syntax)

Deep Space Card: (Vice)

Carlito's Miniatures: (Tauntaun)

Charging Booms TV Show: (Tauntaun)

C&M&M's Candy: (Syntax)

CMMVETRA: (Tauntaun)

Commiecorp: (SW Comit)

Cosmic's SW City Ad: (CosmicTruth)

Cheese Nougats: (Vice)

Flyswatter: (Vice)

Nimbusian Grooming Inc.: (Tauntaun)

Lie News: (Tauntaun)

Mango Land: (SW Comit)

Submin Mining: (Tauntaun)

Mutegun: (Goober King)

Eep's Scottish Shop: (Tauntaun)

Eep's Scottish Shop: (Vice)

Syntro Alpha: (Syntax)

Nuke the Whales: (Tauntaun)

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