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This is a set of swimming pools and pool-related toys and gadgets. There are 10 AWGs in the group total. The pool has been custom tailored for parties, featuring images around the site of past parties as well as generic info signs to encourage future parties.

  • 3 types of pools
    • BASIC: 3x4 pool - landscaped, includes pool ball and diving board
    • BASIC V4s: 3x4 pool - all features above + v4 enabled diving board and water
    • LARGE V4s: 3x6 pool area - all features above plus a service building and avatar objects
  • Pool ball set
  • Diving Board Set
    • BASIC: Diving Board
    • V4s: Includes a negative gravity zone for jumping
  • Hoverchair Set
    • Includes N/S/E/W orientations for easy placement

A complete preview of the AWG is available on AWBuilder.

Base Object Instructions

The base object is set at the NW corner of the pool. The pool will generate to the south, in the SE quadrant of the object's axes.


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