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The following colors are "preset" color names that are used within the Active Worlds browser. They can be used for any color command, including color, light and corona.

Name RGB Value Color Demo Notes
Aquamarine 70DB93
Black 000000 Always use "create color 0" for black
Blue 0000FF Default background color for signs
Brass B5A642
Bronze 8C7853
Copper B87333
Cyan 00FFFF
Darkgrey 303030
Forestgreen 238E23
Gold CD7F32
Green 00FF00
Grey 707070
Lightgrey C0C0C0 Matches street object "sidewalks" when used on board objects
Magenta FF00FF
Maroon 8E236B
Navyblue 23238E
Orange FF7F00
Orangered FF2400
Orchid DB70DB
Pink FF6EC7
Red FF0000
Salmon 6F4242
Scarlet 8C1717
Silver E6E8FA
Skyblue 3299CC
Tan DB9370
Teal 007070
Turquoise ADEAEA
Violet 4F2F4F
White FFFFFF Default sign text color
Yellow FFFF00


Some preset names are longer than their RGB name, so it is sometimes wise to use the RGB instead to save cell space.

When using hex colors in Active Worlds, leave off the regular "#" that you would normally include as a prefix in other languages such as HTML.

Color Picker

RGB Color Picker Download - An small tool for making custom colors for use in Active Worlds. This tool has been listed on for years.

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