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AbMo Phonebot

Version 2.2.5 Publically released: 21 April 2007

1.1 Contents

	1.1 Contents
	1.2 What is the AbMo PhoneBot?
	1.3 Logging In
	1.4 Chat Logging
	1.5 List of Commands
	1.6 Other Features
	1.7 Errors
	1.8 Credits
	1.9 Contact Information

1.2 What is the AbMo PhoneBot?:

The AbMo PhoneBot is a simple phone bot which acts as a way for people in different locations to communicate. At the most basic level, it places two bots in different places, and when someone says something in a location, it is broadcast out through the other bot. The bot is designed to host up to 20 bots, so you can cover a large expanse of area. This bot is for people who build in public building worlds, so they are unable to have global chat, or for people who may want to communicate with those in other worlds. It is meant to be a simple bot that is intrinsic and quick to learn.

1.3 Logging In:

You navigate between the bots (up to 20) via the little arrows in the 'Bot Status' frame. There are a number of fields which are mandatory to fill in, these are:

	Citizen Number: the citizen number of the host
	Privilege Password: the privilege password of the host
	Bot Name: name of the bot
	World: world the bot will be placed
	Coordinates: coordinates where the bot will be placed
		It must be placed in the format which is used in the teleports list
		eg. 12000n 1600w 10a 0
	Avatar Number: the number of the avatar within the avatar list

Non-Mandatory fields:

	Location Description: useful when a large number of bots are used so that the bots are easily 		differentiated
	Welcome Message: a message for the bot to whisper to new visitors
		Leave blank if you don't want a message to be whispered

1.4 Chat Logging:

By default your settings choose no logging at all.Should you choose to use the chat logging feature you have two options, Separate Logs and Compiled Logs. You can choose both options.

Separate Logs: This stores a different chat log for each of the bots. So when a person in location 1 says something, it gets stored in location 1's file. This is useful because you are able to see in which location a particular person was when they said the message.

Compiled Log: This stores all the chat being said anywhere in the network into one log file. This is useful as when reading it, it is as if everyone were in the one location in Active Worlds. A disadvantage is that you are unable to decipher where a particular person was when the message was said.

1.5 List of Commands:

List of commands everyone can use:

#who Lists all the avatars currently on the network and what bot they are at.
#owner Responds with the CitNumber of the owner
#version Responds with the bot's version
#bots Responds with a list of all the bots on the network
#ppw Responds with the CitNumber of the user's privilege
#whisper_AVATARNAME_MESSAGE - Allows user to whisper directly to another person on the network (AVATARNAME is case sensitive, and message cannot contain '_')

List of commands specific to owner only:

#follow_AVATARNAME - Bot begins to follow AVATARNAME. (If target should teleport, they have 10 seconds before the bot goes back to its original location.)
#stop - Bot stops following and stays in the current location it is in
#mute_AVATARNAME - Adds the target to the Mute List. If on the Mute List, that user's chat will not be broadcast and cannot whisper via bot
#unmute_AVATARNAME - Removes target from the Mute List
#login_SLOTNUMBER - Allows owner to login bots from in-world
#logout_SLOTNUMBER - Allows for owner to logout bots from in-world
#hide - Hides the bot from the network and does not broadcast chat spoken in its range, but broadcasts chat from other bots
#unhide - The bot is no longer hidden from the network and all messages will be broadcasted both ways
#status - The bot will report with number of bots running, people on the network, who it is following, if it is hidden and who its owner is.

1.6 Other Features:

Should any of the bots, for any reason disconnect during the course of running, you have two options. Either it pops an error message for your notification, so that you may rectify the problem, or, you can have it not display a message but attempt to reconnct in 30 seconds. The latter is useful when you are merely hosting the bot, and are away, else the bot will cease to work in world and bring your network down.

When you minimise the main window for the bot, it will locate itself into the system tray so that it does not intrude upon the host's computer time.

1.7 Errors:

Should you ever receive any error which has an error number associated with it, please visit this website.

This is Active Worlds' error list for the SDK, so please locate the number there for a reason why it's not working. If the error persists despite all the changes you have made, feel free to contact me at the details outline below.

If you get an unusual error which is not associated with a number, contact me at the details outline below.

Be sure to include all relevant information about what you were doing and the data you were entering when you contact me. I need to be able to recreate the problem to fix it.

1.8 Credits:

AbsoLute Monarch - Programmer
SW Comit - Concept and extensive beta testing
Lord Fett - Extensive help and valuable resource
VBCenter ( - Valuable resource
Jaguar Hahn - Beta testing
GC - Beta testing and for pushing final release

1.9 Contact Information:

Telegram AbsoLute Monarch (#338508)
Or alternatively, e-mail me at absolutemonarch at gmail dot com.
I will attempt to answer all queries ASAP, but if I do not respond by telegram in a few days, you're best off e-mailing me.

COPYRIGHT (C) 2007 by AbsoLute Monarch (338508)
All Rights Reserved

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