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Started by Commie, September 14, 2013, 07:51:12 PM

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September 14, 2013, 07:51:12 PM Last Edit: September 21, 2013, 10:24:14 PM by Commie
Completed so far...

  • Account and session control

  • Website layout

  • Universe and solar system generation

  • Map information view

  • Basic colony foundation

  • Resource demand/output functionality

  • Basic construction/queue control

  • Foundations to ship makeup, design and stats

  • Ship construction and deployment

In progress...

  • Basic ship control - movement, cargo transfer, queuing

  • Planetary resource and atmospheric composition generation and decay

  • Cosmic body survey mechanics

  • Asteroid mining

  • Automated ships - order looping and conditional orders (eg survey nearest unsurveyed body)

  • New colonization mechanics

  • Advanced colony features - culture, stats, traits, contentment

  • New module design

  • Basic new ship design

The game is bare-bones playable at this point in that you can manage your colonies and expand, design ships and deploy them and explore and exploit the solar system. A game needs to have obstacles and consequences to overcome to really be considered a game, which at this point is the "contentment" of the colonies, which may suffer if civilian demands are not met. Also the fact that resources will become harder and harder to extract as they are consumed, which would drive the player to expand to new colonies.

Further out, order less accurate:
  • Map camera control (current method is temporary)

  • Empire research system (essentially directly controls the game pacing as it unlocks new features and progression)

  • Multi-system mechanics - wormholes to other systems, and the galactic map

  • Advanced ship control - fleets, speed control, ship-to-ship transfer

  • Advanced ship design - revisions, retrofitting, special systems

And a lot point in documenting anything further out though! That's good enough for now
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Nuked and redid the roadmap. That last one wasn't very useful to me.
The new roadmap shows a step-by-step progression needed to get the game into a playable state.
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Complete: Ship construction and deployment

Ships can be built and all their stats compiled, but there's no interface to view them or do anything with them. So, that's next :D
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any further comments about Nostapyrax? Maybe from our new players? If not, and we're all happy with the Nostapyrax  gazetteer... what culture should get updated next?

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I think you are getting games confused, R19. :O
Dr. Tax, Ph. D - Mayor of SW City, Governor of Estate District... [synsuit]

Byte:      Baro bo Baro banana for Faro me my mo Maro... BARO!
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