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SWI November Content Update

Started by Hyper Anthony, November 27, 2011, 04:49:02 pm

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Hyper Anthony

November 27, 2011, 04:49:02 pm Last Edit: November 27, 2011, 04:56:17 pm by Hyper Anthony
Hey everyone!

The next leg of work involving the Fort Masen Archaeology Questline has been completed.  We still haven't reached the end of the dungeon, but there is a lot of new content to keep diggers occupied for quite a good while!  Here's what we've got:

November Changelog
'Coaxing Spirits'

    * Descritpion: A large Hotep idol is blocking your path to progress deeper into the Keep, and have been tasked to find out what happened.
    * Prereq: Completed 'Opening the Gate'
    * Find the spirit within the Masen Keep Commons to begin!

'Unearthing Statuettes'
'Unearthing the Bronze Statue'
'Unearthing Cannons'

    * Description: An unlikely friend within the Historical Society is working with the Hyokos to protect their culture, while simultaneously recovering Imperial artifacts to appease the society's patrons.
    * Prereq: Completed 'Opening the Gate'
    * These 3 quests are repeatable
    * Speak with the Gray in the Fort Masen Historical Society to begin!

Masen Keep Commons

    * Just beyond the foreboding doors of Masen Keep lies the Commons, an open space that was once used for trade and commerce.  After the siege, the space was converted into a hall of reverence and worship... focused on a massive idol that was placed in front of an old passageway.  Many artifacts and personal items of the inhabitants still remain.

    * 20 digging nodes
    * Two collectible sets, and a handful of other valuable items
    * ~20 new items to collect and trade with other players!

Masen Keep Cannons

    * The interior cannons were once Fort Masen's last line of defense, which ultimately proved futile during the Siege.  The damaged remains were left as a testament to the Imperial Army's might, and have been long forgotten on the ledges and rafters that loom over the Commons.
    * 6 digging nodes -- each node takes a large amount of time credits and stamina
    * One collectible set


    * Players who completed 'Opening the Gate' before November will need to speak with the Gatekeeper at his location in the Commons.  Their version of the digging permit was bugged and he will swap them.
    * A profile icon is available in the digsite -- it was previously in the digging loot table, but that proved to be problematic so it is now a stand-alone, hidden item in the area.
    * Several new NPCs were missing an NPC image, and this has been corrected since they went live.
    * (Thanks to Comit for helping with many of the bugs, some of which weren't so much bugs as they were me being dum )

There's not really a ton left to do in order to get this done... so I may work on this again over Christmas.  Until then, this should be plenty to occupy anyone who happens to come across it.


Keep up the great work, its nice to see something being done.


Awesome work Mr. Ant  [face_shocked]
I'll have to check it out  8)
Hoot hoot de doo! LOL