Owls Attack!

Started by Espilae, May 08, 2007, 08:51:56 AM

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May 08, 2007, 08:51:56 AM Last Edit: October 10, 2007, 08:05:47 PM by Syntax
For the fifteenth day in a row, SW City is besieged by a pack of ravenous, bloodthirsty owls.  It is unknown what drove them into such a frenzy, but local philosopher Henry David Thoreau said upon seeing the sight:

"I rejoice that there are ow-OW OW OH GOD PLEASE LET IT STOPAHHHHHHRGHHHHH *gurgle*"
Governor of Shores District
Manager of Eastern Shores
SW City Loremaster

Karu:   http://www.thesisters.org/
Ferruccio:   juuuuuuuuust wondering
Ferruccio:   there HAS to be an element of comedy in this, right?
Ferruccio:   I mean that one guy has boobs as a hat
Tsukasa:   really? *looks*

Absolute Monarch

*fathoms the legitimacy of this news post*

Absolute Monarch: :@ @  how you use google images to solve all your arguments
Ferruccio: better than waving my dick around

SW Comit: suuuchh a fight tit
SW Comit: tight fit*

Master Penguin

O_o we tried to warn you! They will stop at nothing before they take over all of AW

I for one, welcome our new owl masters. And will help them in recruiting others to help in their causes.
For its only after we have lost everything, that we are free to do anything


You should rename yourself to Master Owl instead.
Hoot hoot de doo! LOL


So where are those pictures of said "Owl attacks"  ::)


I knew that this would happen, but nobody would listen to me!

Jeff Raven

I love owls.

Especially in a light garlic and alfredo sauce with fettuccine.  Delicious!


Hoot hoot de doo! LOL


Quote from: jeffraven on May 19, 2007, 01:40:39 AM
I love owls.

Especially in a light garlic and alfredo sauce with fettuccine.  Delicious!

Obviously an imitation owl.  In RL, the poof is too much to handle.  It just rebounds when you try to bite a piece off.  Not to mention the entire owls-are-immune-to-everything issue.

"I rejoice that there are owls\" - Henry David Thoreau



Yea there's a lot of imitators. Everybody wants to be an owl.
Hoot hoot de doo! LOL

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