"Can't access /npc" Error

Started by Dr. Tax, Ph.D, January 05, 2015, 07:20:23 PM

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Dr. Tax, Ph.D

Nebo pointed something out last month... and I think it's related to the new browser implementation.  There as an old method we used to hide url's.  The old method was the browser would process the second URL command in the chain, so we would do something like this:

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create picture pics.swcity.net/se/ilexus/stone_tablet.jpg mip=on,texture black mask=black;activate url npc.swcity.net/ target=aw_3d

,url npc.swcity.net/ilexus.php?n=700&l=testing target=aw_3d

This would hide the real URL down out of sight of the user.  It seems to have broken.

Please report anything to us in telegram.. we can go clean it up when we get around to it.

Thanks Nebo!  [synsuit]
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