Acquire Property in SW City - Acquiring property in SW City is very simple. Find a plot of land (from a Public Building Area) or request a custom piece of land to fit your needs. This can be done by visiting the SW City Real Estate Office, located in Town Square Park. You can also teleport directly to the Real Estate Office.

Public Building Areas - Public Building Area's (PBA's) are areas of land with specific themes for residents to build in. If you would like to build in any of these PBA's, simply contact (chat, telegram, SW Forum, etc) any of the city staff members. We guarantee to get back to you as soon as possible. Below is a list of a few PBA's you can build in.

Rising Glen
Rising Glen
- Wilderness

Rising Glen is a very popular building development in the Southern Highlands precinct. Many builders come here to experience the awesome landscape and friendly atmosphere that is felt immediately upon arrival. This area is perfect for you to build your home-away-from-home to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban environments that are common in SW City.

Location: Southern Highlands

Castle Pines
Castle Pines
- Golf Resort

Castle Pines is the most planned and the largest public building area in SW City (with 112 lots). It took over a year to complete and is now open to experienced builders only. The unique aspect of Castle Pines is each plot of land is inter-twined with the 18 hole golf course that stretches down from the northern shores of Sybit Island. If you are someone who is anyone, you would have a house in Castle Pines.

Location: Castle Pines

Kappa Chi Village
Kappa Chi Village
- Suburban

Kappa Chi Village is a suburban settlement set along the Kappa River and the shores of the Palm Sea. People who choose to settle here are immediately set in an area of the city rich with sights to see. Less than a minute walk to the northeast is Orton Strip Mall and to the south, a ferry embarking to three of the best tropical islands in SW City.

Location: Palm Grove

Mountainview Residential Park
Mountainview Residential
- Mountain Village

Mountainview is a rather large area located on the western foothills of the Citrus Mountains. A raging river runs right through the heart of Mountainview which is rafted daily by Mountainview residents. SW Chris, the governor of River District resides here, as well as many other famous AW citizens.

Location: James River

New Kappa
New Kappa
- Tropical/Beach

New Kappa was the first Public Building area to be built in SW City and is still home to it's 15+ residents. This beachy setting set around the Kappa River and beneath the Tranquility Fountain has tons to see and lots of different activities to take part in such as solving the difficult Kappa Maze. New Kappa also has it's own monorail and subway stations for easy access to other parts of Estate District and the rest of SW City.

Location: Syntax Estates

Nimbus Land
Nimbus Land
- Cloud-City

An area originally built as the Building Contest area for the SW City 3rd Birthday Bash has grown into one of SW City's and Alphaworld most unique building areas. Climb 220m into the air on a large beanstalk to build in a vast cloud-city, much like that of the cloud-city in Super Mario RPG. While you're here, stop by and say hello to the friendly Nimbusians or take a dip in the hotsprings!

Location: James River

Stobeck Forest estates is a community found deep in the woods of Stobeck Forest. The winding paths take you past current residents' houses, over bridges and through the old forest. Finding your property is easy: take a stroll through the wood until you stumble upon your perfect plot of land. If the quiet woods just isn't your thing, then you can take a short walk northwest to visit SW City's theme park, Mango Land.

Location: Central SW City

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