Tri is a godless idealogy religion that originated from the Yuli Tribe sometime between 400-500 CE. Triology spread to the tribes that split from Yuli, and survived into the descending fuedal era kingdoms and eventually served as the official religion of the Scarabian Empire. Is it still a popular idealogy amoung people of Alphaworld today, though mostly ignored by non-human races.

Triologists theorize that there are three psuedo-parallel dimensional planes that when combined, create our own plane of existance, as well as being responsible for the essense of behavior of all life. It is believed that each individual is attuned to each plane in some sense, though the details on this depend on the religious denomination.

The Planes

The three planes are:

  • The Plane of Sense - This plane makes up our five senses and the physics of the world. Those attuned to this plane are beatiful and/or strong people.
  • The Plane of Spirit - This plane makes up the sparks of life, our mind's intelligence, and sense of understanding and wisdom. Those attuned to this plane are wisemen, leaders, researchers, and philosophers.
  • The Plane of Virtue - This plane makes up our well-being, health, and sense of courage. Those attuned to this plane live long and healthy lives and have great stamina.


There are three major denominations of Triology:

  • Huruns - Originated from the Hurundamese, Huruns believe that people are born onto one plane, and are permanently attuned to it. The Hurundamese tribe would designate people's role in the village based upon their plane of birth.
  • Yulian - Yulian Triologists believe you can actively attune yourself to a pane via years of meditation. Yulians are the only denomintation that build physical domains for Tri, such as chapel and alters.
  • Irenics - Irenics originate from the Scarab Warriors and Faldon, and believe that people are attuned across all three planes at various quantities, but are pacifist beyond that.