Three Bells Seaport


Three Bells Seaport is an important facility for Velothi Island. It acts as the primary import and export for businesses and industry, as well as passengers. This is because road access to Velothi Island can only be had via Highway 10, which is much too long and out of the way for most.

Despite its importance, it has remained a fairly small seaport in comparison to the other SW City seaports such as Sylivian Seaport and Port Cobalt. It has about a dozen dockworkers whom maintain the storage garages, assist with cargo loading/unloading, and other general tasks.

Three Bells Seaport is named after the three ancient Velosian bells right out in the water, near the north pier. It is believed by some that the bells were built as a island-wide alarm system in case there was a barbarian raid. However, the bells ring in the wind, meaning that they were more likely only decorative or symbolic.