Southeast Logs


Formed out of the popularity boom of Loggers Restaraunts around the city, Southeast Logs has been the supplier of all non-wooden logs to the restaraunts since 2000. Their small facility in the northern area of Palm Grove, south of the Kappa Field Industry Center employs roughly 70 workers who use state-of-the-art machinery to produce the logs with little to no wastage. The factory is unique in the city in that it is self-powering. Heat and steam from the mass production lines in the old building is piped over to the power facility, where water is added to increase the volume of steam. The steam then is sent into the turbines to produce power. Dave Sanders and Harland Thomas have led the company since its inception, and in 2001, after just one year of operation, the facility was expanded with newer, more advanced log production machines that not only take up less space, but also wastes less logs. Southeast produces all the current flavors served at the restaurants.

  • Official Name: Southeast Logs Incorporated
  • Net Worth: 3,400,000,000 ($34 million)
  • President/CEO: Dave Sanders
  • Vice President: Harland Thomas
  • Employees: 79
  • Headquarters: Palm Grove
  • Industries and Holdings: logs


Cheese logs for the masses.

Non-wooden logs are made in a very straightforward process. The Cheese Log formula is shipped to the factory via hovercraft, and is then pumped into storage tanks. The operator of one of the production lines selects the flavor to produce, and that formula is then pumped into the production line. First it is squeezed out and molded into a cylinder, and then it is cooked. After being cooked, it is cut into peices (either 1m or 2m lengths) and loaded into crates. Crates are then shipped out to your local Loggers for consumption.

Current flavors in production include human, cheese, oak, and the limited-edition lincoln log flavors.