SWTel is the predominant phone networking and telecommunications company in SW City and is the chief operation behind all public and private telephones.

Phone Network

Residents may request a personal phone number from any SWTel location for a small fee. Registering a phone number allows you to setup a personal voicemail inbox which can be used to store voice messages from other SWTel clients. This service is available to all users, even those without a universal citizenship. Resident and business phone numbers can be setup for use on a land lines or cellular phones. Calls are available from any of the hundreds of coin operated phones around the city for 10. As of 2009, 1 hourly free call is available to all residents of the city.

  • Business Type: Telecommunications
  • President/CEO: Syntax
  • Subsidiary of: SynCorp
  • Locations: 2
  • Employees: 60+
  • Coordinates: 2218S 3592E

A modern SWTel payphone

Area Prefixes

SW City is divided into regions and each of those regions are assigned their own area code which is how phone numbers are prefixed. The following table is the full list of area codes for the city. Each district has their own distinct starting number on their respective prefixes (with the exception of Saddle Creek numbers falling within Palm District numbering system).

Area Code Region Name
Central District
230 Downtown SW City
233 Northside
235 West Field & Town Square Park
236 Stobeck Forest & Castleview
237 Main Street
240 Faldon Valley
242 Faldon
245 Faldon Bay Estates
247 West Hyokia
250 Midtown
255 Orton & Clannar Region
259 Castle Pines
275 Westland & Scoperta Forest
290 East Ending
292 Rotheran Bay
293 West Velothi
299 Misc. Central SW City Territory
River District
300 James River GZ Area
310 Mountain View
320 Forest Oaks
330 Treasure Ship Row
340 Nimbus Land
350 Silver Valley
360 Silo Bay
370 Citrus Mountain Area
Shores District
400 Caralon Coast
405 Cape Shanare
410 West Esperion Isles
415 East Esperion Isles
416 Sequini Isles
420 Bueny Peninsula
421 Port Bueny
422 Bateman's Bay
425 Architecture Park
426 Phoenix Heights
427 Phoenix Coast
480 Obsidian Cove
481 Rising Glen Retreat
482 Elkins Beach
498 Greenbelt Region
Estate District
510 Downtown Syntax Estates
520 Cirrus Region
530 Kappa River
540 Rage Lake
550 Boulevard Region
560 Ilexus Forest
570 Estate Islands
580 Seawing Island
590 Avatar Mountains
600 North Saddle Creek
601 East Saddle Creek
602 South Saddle Creek
603 West Saddle Creek
Palm District
610 Palm Grove
620 Palm Grove Urban Area
707 Akureyri