SW City Anthem


The SW City anthem was written and composed by Disembodied in May, 2005.


Oh city, My city, Beloved Scarabia, Noble and Grand!
Whose skyline shines brightly; Precious gem amidst deserted, barren land...
Whose streets, my veins; whose people, my blood; its prosperity heals me.
Whose beauty steals breath, bars Alphaworld's death, before whose majesty kneels me.


http://mid.swcity.net/swc_anthem.mid original midi version, made by Disembodied
http://mp3.swcity.net/scarabia-anthem.mp3 mp3 version, made by Captain MAD Mike
http://mp3.swcity.net/scarabia-anthem-guitar.mp3 guitar version, made by Syntax