SW Army

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  • Official Name: SW City Army
  • Active Duty: unknown
  • Headquarters: Caturn Island SW Army HQ


The SW City Army (commonly referred to as "Swarmy") is the official government controlled and funded defensive organization. There are three departments within Swarmy: Naval, Army, and R&D.

"We are mean."
- SW Army Logo

Naval Branch

The Swarmy naval branch is responsible for:

  • Naval missions
  • Oceanic defensive
  • Border patrols (via water)
  • Naval seaport administration

The navy primarily deals with gunships, frigates, helicopters, and various tactical missile ballistics.

Army Branch

The Swarmy army branch is responsible for:

  • All forms of defensive and offensive missions, except naval
  • Covert-Ops
  • Intelligence
  • Homeland security
  • Border security
  • Base administration

The army primarily deals with all forms of armored groundcraft, mechas, all forms of aircraft, as well as armored infantry.

Research and Developement Branch

-Elliony Trench Exploration Photo (Swarmy)

The Research and Development (R&D) branch is responsible for:

  • Researching technologies useful to the SW City Army.
  • Manufacturing their products for the other two branches, whether directly or indirectly.
  • Working closely with the other two branches with experimental technology.
  • Exploring and researching extremely inhospitable areas, such as Norlisk Island and the Elliony Trench.
  • Experimental weapons testing and demonstration.

Locations of Operation

The Swarmy is known to operate out of a few places, many others are sure to be hidden from the public eye.