Rising Glen


Originally concepted by several land-owning investors of the Southern Highlands, Rising Glen was drafted to be a leader in real estate and area planning. The company is based out of an office block in Obsidian Cove. Unique in its operation, Rising Glen is the only group working in the Southern Highlands at the moment to create neighborhoods and living areas for new residents in the frontier.

Rising Glen was organized in 2006 by Ronald Harrod and his team of investors, among them Thomas Fisher, the current vice-president of the company. Starting out of Fisher's Obsidian Cove apartment, the group slowly began to organize their holdings in the untamed wilderness in the western fringes of the Highlands, and began to plan Rising Glen Retreat. However, after several months of development, the group found themselves short on money. They sought out aide from the local government; after weeks of work, the precinct manager, Piers J. Anthony, agreed to take on the company as part of his independant corporation, Antworks, and thus progress continued.

  • Official Name: Rising Glen Incorporated
  • Net Worth: 5,500,000,000 ($5 million)
  • President/CEO: Ronald Harrod
  • Vice President: Thomas Fisher
  • Employees: 21
  • Headquarters: Southern Highlands
  • Industries and Holdings: Real Estate, Rising Glen Retreat