• Scientific Name: dromaius pyredae
  • Type: Large flightless bird
  • Natural Habitat: Most grasslands and rocky territories
  • Location: Eastern SW Island plains
  • Category: Fauna


Pyrokies are large land-dwelling birds, flightless but incredibly fast nonetheless. They stand around seven feet tall, covered head-to-toe in brilliant orange and red feathers, incredibly hot to the touch - it is not known how this effect is achieved, but they are the number one cause of forest and grass fires in SW City; numerous corporations have bought into this by creating pyrokie farms, selling the feathers as firestarters. The most dangerous thing about them however are their talons; while in an aggressive mood, pyrokies have been known to disembowel people with just a kick. These powerful legs contribute greatly to the animal's speed, and pyrokies can run as fast as 50km/h. Another dangerous feature is the pyrokie's tail feathers; while whipped around, they can cause serious burn damage.

"Pyraxa, the youngest of the Beings, felt lonely in the plains, having noone to comfort him. And so, he cut off his fiery mane and sewed the hairs together, working away into the night. In the morning, his brother Nimbar came upon him while he was working, and asked of Pyraxa, 'What are you doing, child?' And Pyraxa replied, 'I am making my children.' There in front of the Beings was a magnificient sculpture of a bird, the hairs of Pyraxa bound together as feathers, shimmering in incandescent beauty."
- Manufacture 5:11-14, The Book of Four (Subminian and Velosian holy writ)


A domestic Pyrokie

Pyrokies are highly intelligent by the standards of most SW City animals, and have even been used as pets in recent times. However, they can get quite aggressive, and it is for this reason that they are seldom seen in packs or in groups; the only time this happens is during mating season, when such congregation is necessary. When in captivity, pyrokies are much more prone to violent behavior, especially when cooped up in a small area with other members of the species.

Environment and Treatment

The pyrokie has been seen all over SW City, primarily in grassy, hilly and rocky habitats. It was first believed that SW Island was the only island in the Republic that contained wild Pyrokies; now with the discovery of island cultures in the Irenic Ocean, this is now proven false. They survive quite well on remote islands, provided they have much space to run around - but they're routinely hunted by the Simbusians for their feathers, and for their eyes which are used for primitive currency. They are now flourishing as part of the SW City Environmental Society's breeding program, and they are expected to be seen a lot more often in the future.