Praxten Oil


Praxten Oil is the subsidiary of Praxten Corporation that is actually responsible for the gathering and shipping of petroleum. Once a booming business pre-hovercraft, petroleum byproducts has been reduced to a small market, mostly heating and chemical related.

Praxten Oil operated two rigs, one in southern Irenic and one in western Irenic. But today, demands have forced them to only operate with the southern rig, codenamed "Number 1".

Rig #1

Rig #1

The first and larger oil rig is manned by about 30 crew members at a time. It is located in the southern region of Irenic Ocean, approxiately south of central Silver Valley in River District. The rig has all the basic facilities - crew-quarters, mess hall, control tower, power plant, equipment bay, the drilling station, oil cache, harbor and helipad, and water reserve silos.