History and Background

OniTech was founded in 1923 by Kenth F. Brown as a small technical supply store that sold common electronical supplies, televisions, stero systems, etc. The organization has gone through many expansions and upgrades, and now OniTech is developing and supplying SW City with techincal products with a "Future-Like" flare to them. OniTech is known for its development of holographic projectors, teleportation devices, computer hardware and accessories, and many other products designed to make the citizens lives easier. OniTech generally doesnt breed much competition, as many of its products are unique and generaly not developed by any other comapnies, however OniTech and CommieCorp have developed a dominative alliance, and as a result share the companies competitors, such as SynCorp, MadCorp and Praxten.

"Building our future for your tommorow!"
- Company motto