Nut N. Windego


Nut N. Windego, the former Manager of Silver Valley, was one of the youngest governing members of SW City. Starting as a researcher in the field of Warp Plasma for the Swarmy, he quickly discovered mysterious "Plasma Mines" throughout SW City and the surrounding areas. His studies aided in the making of many devices - from Warp Drives to High Yield Weapons. Nut became displeased with his pay cheque that the Swarmy offered him so he sought to create his own company, Nutin Co.

The success of Nutin Co. allowed Nut to live a lifestyle only some could dream. He took his monstorous wealth and used it to buy a massive parcel of land on the south-central part of SW Island from the SW'ian government on August 11th, 2001. He quickly invited other citizens and allowed them to populate the newly purchased land. It was named Silver Valley, after the flowing Silver Falls which are located nearby.

After multiple deals, Nut befriended Samuel W. Comit Jr and Shane Syntax. After only a short period of time, Silver Valley became a precinct on October 6th, 2001.

Nut N. Windego currently lives in Ferruccio Benedetto's Palace.