Nougats are small, slippery creatures that inhabit almost every corner of SW City and beyond and are infamous for being hard to control pests for every citizen. The most famous case was where Governor Chris's city hall office was completely razed by hundreds of nougats whom burrowed right through the floors of the structure. The building had to be evacuated and gassed, shutting down the government for nearly half a week.

Nougats are of particular nuisance to the residents of Faldon as they are attracted to sandy regions in part due their nature as burrowers, and wreak havoc among the villagers.

Although Nougats are a pest to most citizens, the residents in the Southlands settlement of Hartford are friendly with the Nougats as they can be used as fertilizer for crops grown in the town.

Nougats should not be confused with the popular product, Andrew, which are manufactured, lifeless replicas of Nougats.

The nougat is in close relation with the Winged Nougat species.

  • Name: Nougat
  • Type: Unique Creature
  • Origin: Unknown
  • Predominate Locations: Everywhere