Newsletter-October 2002

    :: SW City's Official Newsletter - October 2002

    +++++++TABLE OF CONTENTS+++++++
    1. Folding@Home Project: Team Scarabian Republic
    2. Tripod hits SW City
    3. New Subway Stations
    4. Syntax's SW Pick of October
    5. SW Quick Links

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SW City now has a Folding@Home Team. Folding@Home is a screensaver, must like SETI@HOME that uses your computer to help researchers understand protein folding, protein aggregation, and related diseases. If you would like to help this cause, join our Team, #11309.

    Download Folding@Home:


We need your help! Last week I discovered that Tripod, one of our file hosting providers has deleted almost 8 megabytes of pictures and sounds from our account. If you have ANY images, midis, or mp3s in your AW cache with sw_city-tripod-com in their file name, please, attach them to an e-mail and send them to the e-mail link below.

    E-mail any pictures here


The River Line has gotten quite a boost in the number of stations. Open now are Temple of the Triforce Station and Silo Bay South Station. Triforce Station provides direct links to Nimbus Land and Hyrule Castle Town. Silo Bay South is a direct link to Rossyboy's Viceroy lot, Silo Bay, which is on the southwestern shore of SW City Island.

    Also on the Estates Line is the newly opened Orton Station, which is linked to Orton Strip Mall and SW City Hall.


This month's SW Pick of October has to be the SW City Hall, where all the SW'ian meetings are held. The original hall was located directly south of SW City Town Square but was demolished by SW Comit because it looked old and shabby. The new hall was constructed right along SW Main Street down by Kithicor Forest and Orton Strip Mall in September of 2001. I decided to redesign the hall a bit to reflect how we have grown as builders in the last year. The result was a great new interior and exterior design.

If you have not seen it already, I suggest you drop by and check it out. A whole new lobby, grande staircase and meeting hall have been constructed for you viewing pleasure. :D

    To visit SW City Hall, Central SW City, go to AW 2331.95S 3834.59E 0.00a 90