Newsletter-May-July 2002

    :: SW City's Official Newsletter - May, June, July 2002

    +++++++TABLE OF CONTENTS+++++++
    1. Editor's Note
    2. SW City Charter Approved
    3. SW Merchandise Now Available
    3. SW City up for Nomination in CY Awards Categories
    4. AW Festival 2002 a Success
    5. Core Staff in Top 50 Prolific Builders List
    6. Rumor Mill with Cob T. Rwx (his last name is French)
    7. Syntax's SW Pick of July


Well after a two-month hiatus beginning because of an overly zealous programming final, this newsletter is back in business with a TRIPLE EDITION for you. A lot of stuff has changed, and we apologize for the lack of notice of this unplanned break, but we'd like to make it up to you by giving you a lot more stuff than you could even want to read. So here it is. Please, enjoy.

Oh and btw... Cy Awards... SW City... Best Community. Come on. Yeah? You know what I'm talkin about! Third time's a charm, right? :P


Ok. Not the reaction I had in mind. Well at LEAST VOTE FOR SOMETHING! O_O

    SW Chris, Editor-in-Chief


SW City has entered nationhood. Its charter was approved on July 9, 2002. Read the charter at the url below.;action=display;num=1026193788


Thanks to our friend Brock, SW City now has it's own online store in which you can purchase items featuring SW City logo's and other SW graphics. Currently, we are selling items such as clocks, frisbee's, boxers, hats, mouse pads, coffee mugs and t-shirts! (Even pick up a popular "CMM Sucks" brand t-shirt for youself!) All items are under $15 and don't generate a profit for us. They're dirt cheap! So don't worry about digging too deep into your wallet. Contributed by Syntax.


It looks like SW City has stolen the pre-nom show. And trust us, we didn't nominate ourselves! Well... I did for the Toy Story Statue ;) It was a joke. The city itself has been suggested for a nomination in Community Initiative for a Community or Town (What was once labelled Best Community, wink wink). SW Comit has been suggested for nomination for Creative Vision & Application in Innovative Design for his Peril Mountain playable adventure. And SW Chris, SW Comit, and Syntax are up for nomination for their rearchitecture of SW City's Ground Zero also in the category of Creative Vision & Application in Innovative Design. There are many more, including several for the leadership nomination by most of our staff. Check out the list here!


SW City put on three events for AW Festival 2002. The first was Opening Day at Mango Land, SW City's newest theme park that was demoed in our last newsletter. The second event was a tour of SW City that stopped at the Mazenda Caves, Nimbus Land, Cirrus Street in Syntax Estates, and finally to the bustling Sylivian Seaport. Both events got around 20 people who attended. The third event lasted weeklong. A prehistoric building contest. All the builds were good and it was difficult to rank them! But ultimately Ferrucio walked away with first, color with second, and Chris Cat took third. Congrats to everyone who helped make AW Festival a success!


On July 3rd, Ima Genius, creator of Chatbot, birdbot and the Alphaworld Property Search, released a list of the 100 most prolific builders in Alphaworld history. When I say prolific, I mean how many objects have been built by a certain person in Alphaworld. The SW City Core staff has managed to make the top 50 of this top 100 list! Coming in at number 47 is SW Chris, who has built 271,887 objects in James River! Next we have Captain MAD Mike clocking in at number 29!! CMM built 398,010 objects in AW, just edging out AW legend "The Real Pops." Next we take a big jump up to number 13, the rank at which former mayor SW Comit sits! SW Comit built 651,676 and just barely sits behind one of Alphaworlds most famous builders, VastError. VastError is the citizen who created all the highways coming from GZ and circling the border of the whole world. Lastly, we have the SW City mayor, Syntax, taking the highest rank at number 6! 831,156 was enough objects to get Syntax in the top 10 with such legends as LittleBull, probably AW's best known builder. Congrats to the SW City staff for creating these tremendous numbers! Also, a shout out to our friends Yeti, Blue Green Gem and Event Horrizon for making the top 100! Contributed by Syntax.

    If you want to take a look at the top 100, visit the website created by Dion.


Well we've got big news for you. Big news. So wake the kiddies and tell the neighbors, because we've got something that will knock your socks off. What is it you ask? Well I heard through the grapevine that several of the more notorious of SW City's residents are planning to do a radio show. Yes, a radio show...

Uh huh. Syntax, SW Comit, SW Chris, Captain MAD Mike and a few other "special guests" have forsaken the aw television role and have taken up the headphones. Last I heard they were secretly locked away in a transparent booth somewhere scribbling out their plans for uniserver domination. Kind of brings tears to your eyes doesn't it?

Why those poor souls couldn't do a radio show and keep their sanity. And you know what happens when an SW City Staff member goes insane right? Yep. The whole world blows up. Told you it was going to knock your socks off!

    Contributed by Cob T. Rwx, author of the Rwx Report at


This month's pick is a very sweet build by SW Comit. The build is the Praxten Oil Rig, a *gigantic* rig in the middle of southern Irenic Ocean. The rig was built over a period of about 5 days and contains many things such as crew quarters, cranes, control towers and giant drills. This is definately something to check out. If you go, make sure to take a wander around the complex machinery room that powers the rig. Good work, Comit! Contributed by Syntax.

    To visit the Praxten Oil Rig, go to AW 2635.9S 3656.6E 3.4a