Newsletter-August 2002

    :: SW City's Official Newsletter - August 2002

    +++++++TABLE OF CONTENTS+++++++
    1. Yeti City part of Scarabian Republic
    2. Vornox and Cypris Creek Promoted
    3. Sybit and Caturn Islands Surface
    4. Build Raising
    5. Cy Pre-Voting Party
    6. Rumor Mill with Cob T. Rwx
    7. Syntax's SW Pick of August
    8. SW Quick Links

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Yeti City will officially become part of the Scarabian Republic on August 1, 2002. Yeti City also now has a forum of its own at Congratulations!

The Scarabian Republic is a virtual nation that now includes SW and Yeti Cities. As a nation, the Republic strives to work together on events and projects and building upon each member city's community. The Republic officially came into being on July 9, 2002 with the signing of the SW City Charter. For more information on the Scarabian Republic, please telegram Syntax, SW Comit, SW Chris, Captain MAD Mike, or Yeti, or read the SW City Charter.

    SW City Charter -;action=display;num=1026193788


On the 26th of July, Vornox and his suburb, Cypris Creek were both promoted to a higher SW'ian status! Vornox has been a member of SW City for over a year now so SW Comit, Governor of Central District, initiated the vote to promote Vornox. After about one week of core staff voting and preparations, Vornox was promoted! That means that Vornox is now a Manager his suburb is now a subcommunity and is free to expand as much as it needs. Congratulations Vornox, you deserve it! Contributed by Syntax.

    Cypris Creek - AW 2065S 3346E


This month, SW City thought of some plans for city expansion. It all started when CMM noted how little land Central District have left, and it got SW Comit thinking. Later that day he posted a picture of the Sybit project - a large island about 1/3 the size of SW City Island located to the north. Central District would own one half and Syntax Estates would own the other half. Inspired, Nutinmuch decided to do the same on the southern side of the city. They called it Caturn island. It's about 300x100 coords big, estimated. Preview pictures can be found by visiting the links below. Contributed by SW Comit.

    Sybit Island Preview -;action=display;num=1027496735
    Caturn Island Preview -;action=display;num=1026862436


Grab your friends and tell the neighbors! SW City is having a build raising! What is a build raising you ask? Like the barn raisings of the last two centuries, it is a collaborative effort by many people to create one single building. And it will be FUN! Hang out with your friends and make new ones as we build a big ol building utilizing the talents of many across the cyberverse. Be there at SW City GZ on Saturday August 3 at 10pm VRT. That's THIS SATURDAY! See you there!

    SW City GZ - AW 2217.4S 3609.8E


SW City will hopefully take home some awards this year, including the Best Community (aka Community Initiative for a Community or Town) award. But as always, we can't do it without your support! We value our residents as well as anyone else who has visited SW City. Show your support for SW City by showing up to our rally the day before the polls open! There will be fun and games, guaranteed! This is one event to tell everyone about. The date is August 16 at 10pm VRT at SW City GZ. We hope you can come!

    SW City GZ - AW 2217.4S 3609.8E


It's Cy Award time again. Yes, there is that anticipation and excitement of another showstopper in the air. Well, for the pre-nominees at least. Could I care less? Not really. But congratulations to them. And who better to steal the best community award than SW City, right? After two long years of disappointment, no Amigos worlds are here to grab it this year, who were the winners in the last few awards shows. The only thing possibly stopping our beloved SWians are AWTeen and MrBruce's world uh, A!!CT. There is still that stiff competition. It follows this award around like a dog to its master.

Will SW City finally come home with an award? Maybe. But that's what they thought last year. And they lost by a very slim margin.

Ah, but this time SW City has put on a rather slick advertising campaign. Keep an eye on the Xeon TV feeds and the Adz@GZ network, especially around August 17. Will it really be effective? Are these awards becoming too political?

At any rate, even if you don't really care who gets what in the CY's, get out there and vote. And not for SW City because I'm telling you to. I'm really not. But this is their newsletter. Vote for who you think is the Best Community. SW City tries hard, and so does everyone else up for the award. Only one city can bring it home, but not if you don't vote for them.

    Contributed by Cob T. Rwx, author of the Rwx Report (out of print) at


This month, I just had to pick my favourite build (or collaboraton of builds) in all of SW City, Orton Strip Mall. Orton Strip Mall, located on the border of Central SW City and Palm Grove is an amazing place to explore! Packed with stores such as furniture shops, gaming zones, computer stores, flower shops and food stands, everytime you visit there's something new! The back streets are my personal favourite, but if you venture into them, be careful! (>_< @ the crime rate there)

Another thing I personally like about Orton Strip Mall is that it was built by many builders, not just one. Tauntaun even dropped by and built a popular "CMM Sucks" clothing store! I highly recommend you check out OSM as soon as possible.

    To visit Orton Strip Mall, Central SW City/Palm Grove, go to AW 2347.8S 3834.5E

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