New Taste Beverages


NewTaste was thought up one day when Leon C. Newman asked himself "Hmm...maybe I should try making something tasty that the public will love..." About 2 weeks later Newman went to SW City to buy some land from Mikhail Alexyev Dostovei in Hyokia Industrial Sector. About a few days later, trucks with wood, brick, and metal arrived. When the supplies were delivered the workers began. A few months passed, and NewTaste Beverage Factory was completed. The building looks like something seen in the early times, yet it is a new high-tech factory.

"NewTaste tastes well NEW!" '''- Company motto

Future Plans

NewTaste hopes to get an offical HeadQuarters in SW City's main district sometime soon. NewTaste also hopes to expand to bigger, better, and cleaner machinery with less upkeep.

  • Business Type: Beverage Manufacturer
  • CEO: Leon C. Newman
  • Employees: 35
  • Location: 2503s 3775e 270
  • Products: 16
  • Built & Established: August 2005