Nakemura Heavy Industry


Nakemura is a very diverse corporation outside of the Scarabian Republic, however within the Republic they are known mainly for their hovercraft. Through their innovation, they found a niche in the hovercraft market for low-cost, reliable hovercraft. While by no means as luxurious as an upper-end MadCorp or Vortech, Nakemura's crafts have molded a reputation for themselves for being simple to operate and requiring little maintainence. Two of their models, the S112 and the C70, are seen commonly in SW City. The S112 gained its popularity as a low-cost car that, with some customization from the myriad aftermarket parts available, can be quite fast and agile. The C70, on the other hand, has proven itself as a reliable craft for hauling light cargoes, making it a loved member of any delivery service or rental craft service.

"Power through irrational exhuberance."
- Masayuki Nakemura, CEO

  • Official Name: Nakemura Heavy Industry Corporation
  • Net Worth: 520,000,000,000 ($5.2 billion)
  • President/CEO: Masayuki Nakemura
  • Vice President: Satoshi Yamanaka
  • Employees: 436
  • Headquarters: Pinnacle Square
  • Industries: civil hovercraft, housewares, consumer electronics, musical instruments