Morospris are often referred to as Dark Sprites - the cursed cousin of the Wood Sprite. As legend would have it, the wood sprites that inhabited Grimmwood Forest during the time of Heretika's Curse were transformed into their opposites - dark and malevolent. They are blood sucking creatures living in the Clannar region, most noteably in Grimmwood forest, but they do not pose much threat to passerbys as the sprites only really go after birds. They do not live off much, and usually live off their weight's worth of blood over a one week period.

Morospri live in the tree canopies, in solitude. Their homes are not permanent or sheltered. However they hate water, and will live in caves, tree hollows, and other shelters during rainfall. When not feeding or resting, they are often seen mingling with other Dark Sprites, usually around points of interest - large trees, large man-made structures, etc. It is unknown if they communicate with eachother, though many believe they do as ancient superstition often exaggerates the intelligence and lifestyle of these creatures. It is unlikely that they actually communicate, and more likely that they band for security reasons.

They emit a red-orange light using bioluminescence. They use a counter-illumination technique to camouflage themselves during hunting. They also use their light to help move around the thick tree canopies at night, and used to show off during mating season.

  • Type: Large Winged Insect
  • Natural Habitat: Dry, sheltered areas
  • Location: Grimmwood Forest
  • Category: Fauna