MicroSWoft was founded by Bille and Stephen in 1984. Their initial vision was to create software that helped people reach their potential, however at some point between 1988 and 1993, Bille's strategy shifted towards global domination. Using shady business practices and corporate strong-arming, MicroSWoft has grown into a small yet very lucrative business. It is rumored that its latest operating system is a slightly-tweaked copy of ComitOS used by Mango Computers, however the source of this information is unknown and after making this statement has never been heard from again.

"Taking over the world so you don't have to!"
- MicroSWoft Slogan

  • Net Worth: 76,200,000,000 ($762 million)
  • President/CEO: Bille Gaits
  • Vice President: Stephen Jobbes
  • Employees: 260
  • Headquarters: East Ending
  • Industries and Holdings: world domination software