The shrewd Mikhail Alexeyev Dostovei (now Governor of Palm Grove) formed the eponymous MadCorp in 1985 as a hovercraft parts dealer, jumping on the transportation bandwagon along with numerous other budding young companies, but they were swiftly absorbed by the ruthless business tactics of Dostovei and his fellows. Eventually, they controlled a large monopoly over the hovercraft industry in the Republic, producing crafts through Gryphon Hoverworks and King Industrial Hovercraft and parts through MAD Scramjets and MAD Semiconductors. Soon, it came to equal its long-time and then only megacorp rival, CommieCorp, in the amount of corporate power it held. Dostovei saw an opportunity for an immense profit by initiating the purchase of fifty-percent of the Praxten Oil Refinery, which it still holds alongside Praxten. This saw its net worth briefly eclipse that of Commiecorp's, until that company secured its Duranium manufacturing plant Techstruction, and the power was shared equally once more. MadCorp is well-known for its modus operandi of 'consume, improve, profit', and has acquired many enemies over the course of its twenty-year existence. However, those enemies have learned not to take offensive stances too openly, as such bold people are likely never to be heard of again. Dostovei's charm and persuasiveness has led to him being elected to the Core Council of SW City and the governorship of Palm Grove, which further increases the business prowess of MadCorp.

"Because all your industry are belong to us."
- MadCorp company motto

Future Prospects

Locked in a war-of-the-titans with Commiecorp and the young but powerful SynCorp, MadCorp prefers to stick to what it knows instead of blindly taking risks like its rivals. However, once new innovations are made by independent companies, MadCorp will more than likely buy them out and thus increase their range and profit, securing their future for a long while yet.