King Industrial Hovercraft


"This is a witty/meaningful slogan."
- KIH slogan


King Industrial Hovercraft Company was originally founded by Jacob King, a mango farmer from southern Palm Grove with a penchant for technology. King began modifying his family's hovercraft to carry his mango harvests to market with less trips required. After custom-building a large cargo bed for his craft, he made his first breakthrough when he developed a higher-powered hoverbed. With the entire underbelly of a craft generating lift, King found his craft could carry a significantly heavier payload-- enough that he could often carry his neighbor's equipment in to town on his market trips.

The first marketed King craft came about in 1998, when Southeast Logs heard of his work and commissioned him to design a liquid transport craft. Southeast VP Harland Thomas convinced his brother, an engineer at then-fledgling MAD Scramjets, to lend a group of engineers to assist King in the project. King and the engineers spent 2 years developing this new craft, which was completed in 2000. With the money paid by Southeast Logs and his new found business partner, MAD Scramjets, King decided to enter the hovercraft industry and officially founded the King Industrial Hovercraft Company (KIH).