Juego Cruzer

Weight: 2830lbs.
Top Speed: 118mph
Fuel: HMFC-51
Fuel Capacity: 8 cells
Engine: Juego Correo 650
Balancing System: None
Base Price: 5,000,000 ($50 thousand)

The Juego Cruzer is produced by Juego Hovercrafts?, and is an imported craft, rarely seen in the city except for around the airport. While it is a budget vehicle, it is quite popular with the lowrider community, and is distinctive in that it has not one but two thrust-vectoring propulsion nozzles at the rear. These help the craft take tight corners. Its engine (also produced by Juego), the Juego Correo 650, is a state-of-the-art, eight-cell design, but it is difficult to produce. This accounts for the rarity of the vehicle and why citizens of the Republic must purchase a Juego where it is made locally. The craft itself seats four passengers and has minimal trunk capacity.

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