Joyride is a quest that introduces players to SW City's subway system. Players can begin Joyride by speaking with Conductor Chucky at the subway terminal in Grand Central Station. Grand Central Station is located in Town Square Park. When you get to the subway terminal, look for the line heading to Faldon. Chucky will be waving at you from in front of the train.

If you speak with Chucky again after completing his errand, he will tell you how to get to various places around town via the subway.

People of Interest

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Quest Help

How do I ride the subway to Faldon?

  • Enter the subway car. The subway has two destinations, either of which can be activated by clicking the signs in the subway car.
  • Click the sign that says 'To Faldon Village Station.'

What red flag is Chucky talking about?

  • A red flag has been discarded on the ground in Faldon Village station. You can acquire it by simply clicking on it.
  • Return to Chucky after you have done this.

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