Grimmwood Forest


Grimmwood Forest is the blighted remains of a forest located in the west end of the Clannar Region. It is considered by many to be a "haunted forest" because of its blighted nature. Very few plants are able to grow within Grimmwood; mostly only mushrooms and small undergrowth flora. However a number of strange creatures have made Grimmwood their home, such as Morospri.

Due to the unusual nature of the forest and it's extensive amount of ruins, it has become a very important archaeological site in SW City.


The forest is home to a good a number of unique species of mushroom:

Sites of Interest

City of Ancaradel
written in Ancarian

City of Ancaradel

An ancient city located on the east side of the forest. The entire city has been destroyed and remains in ruins to this day. Much of the remaining signs that can be deciphered have been written in the ancient language of Ancarian.

Heretika Barrows

Perhaps the most impressive structure still standing within the area; the Heretika Barrows is a massive structure built into the side of the landscape. One entrance leads into a large empty room whose purpose is still being studied to this day. Outside the front door of the Barrows are 12 stone pillars of varying disrepair.

Winford Burrow

A mysterious cave on the west side of the forest with some archaeologically important fossils.