Freedom Foundation

  • Formed: April 21st, 1975
  • Headquarters: n/a
  • Ringleader: Jacob Evans


The Freedom Foundation is a radicalist anarchist group whom are in favor of total anarchy much like the rest of Alphaworld and see SW City as a threat to Alphaworld's freedom. They seek to dismantle the government thru mostly peaceful means, but questionable acts of sabotage and propoganda aren't uncommon. The citizens of SW City don't view the faction as a threat as much as they see them as outspoken nuissance.

As an anarchist group, the group is not very well structured in an official sense, however the ringleader and brains of the operation is most often considered to be Jacob Evans. While all their activity mostly takes place within SW City itself, the group is mostly composed of Outlander denizens, but some have made SW City their home as well.