| Article 1 – City Administration and Districts |

1.1 – Definition

SW City Administration (also known as Core Staff) is made up of a maximum of five seats belonging to maximum five Governors. One Governor holding one of the five seats holds the title of Mayor and holds additional rights. Each Governor owns their own District, which is split into any number of Precincts.

1.2 – Role and Rights of a City Administration Member

1. Staying active within the community by any means of communication to other city members. 2. May freely distribute Precincts within their own District to anyone who enquires. The Governor has the right to refuse any requests based on their own personal opinions. 3. Control land usage by Managers in their District (give them land if they are in a position where free expansion is not an option). 4. Keep control over the District’s infrastructure (creating new roads, environmental areas, Public Building areas) and making sure everything is running smoothly. 5. Initiate votes on proposals of any kind. All votes by the Administration must be unanimous.

1.3 – Role and Rights of the Mayor

1. The Mayor holds all roles and right afforded to to Governors, and acts as one. 2. Responsible for organizing and heading voting procedures and other government affairs. 3. Responsible for any essential odd jobs that may come up due to circumstances, assuming nobody else will handle it. 4. Acts as the final decision maker among government affairs so long as it doesn't contradict charter rules.

1.4 – Becoming a City Administration Member

A candidate for a City Administration position must show dedication. The candidate must have a long and steady background with the city to avoid inactivity in the future. A candidate will be allowed into City Administration Member by a vote from the current City Administration members.

| Article 2 – City Management and Precincts |

2.1 – Definition

Precincts are owned by Managers. Governors are also considered Managers and own their own Precinct within their respective District which is known as the Capital Precinct. There is no limit to the number of Managers a District may have.

(Also: See section 1.1)

2.2 – Role and Rights of a City Management Member

1. Staying active within the community by any means of communication to other city members. 2. Developing environments and establishing infrastructure in the Precinct. 3. Distribute land to other people who wish to build in their Precinct. Managers must use their own discretion when allowing builders to build, keeping control on the amount of land that is given and where the land is located. 4. Managers may request to move their Precinct from one District to another. 5. May freely expand into unclaimed territory in the name of their precinct and city (Governors are responsible for keeping this under check).

2.3 – Becoming a City Management Member

Someone wishing to become a city manager may contact the Governor of the District they wish to start a Precinct in. The person must not be in a position of Management or Administration of another Scarabian Republic and it is also discouraged that they own another independent city of their own.

| Article 3 - Resignation and Inactivity |

3.1 – Mayor Resignation

Upon a Mayor’s resignation, they may choose to step down to only their Governor position and bestow the Mayorship upon any one of the current Governor’s they deem worthy. The chosen Governor has the right to accept or refuse this offer.

If a Mayor would like to resign down to a Manager position, see section 3.3.

3.2 – Governor Resignation

Upon a Governor’s resignation, all Precincts within their District are merged into another existing District. The District in which the Precincts will be moved to is decided on a case-per-case basis by the Administration.

Governors can also choose to resign from their Administration position and assume a Management position.

3.3 – Manager Resignation

Upon a Manager’s resignation, their Precinct land is assimilated into its Capital Precinct land unless other arrangements have been agreed upon by the parties involved.

3.4 – Precinct Inactivity

Any Governor may initiate an “Inactivity Vote” for any Precinct they suspect is inactive. A unanimous yes vote by the Administration would result in the immediate discharge of the inactive Manager and their respective land would be assimilated into the Capital Precinct's land.

3.5 – Precinct Reinstatement Policy

A Manager who has resigned in the past may come back and have their Precinct land reinstated to them by request to the respective Governor.

A Manager who has been voted inactive by the Administration may enquire with the City Mayor about reinstatement, who will then initiate a vote for the rest of the Administration.

| Article 4 - Charter Amendments |

4.1 – Initiating an Amentment

Anybody in Management or Administration may petition for a charter amendment. Discussion is encouraged in the Government Message Board. The Administration is responsible for voting the changes into effect. The vote must be unanimous. Changes will be added at the bottom of the charter as amendments, and text in the charter will be crossed out if relevant to the said amendment.