CJ Systems

  • Nickname: CJSys
  • Net Worth: Unknown (Privately Held)
  • President/CEO: Unknown
  • Hypeman: Cactus Jack
  • Employees: Unknown
  • Headquarters: Eilat District, Negev Ave, Akureyri
  • Holdings:Lots of Things


Founded under mysterious circumstances by Cujo Mushorn first patron of the Mushorn family, CJ Systems has grown to become the leading purveyor of goods and services to the denizens of Akureyri. From household items to publishing to everything else you can be assured that one of CJ Systems twelve divisions has had a hand in guiding your everyday life.

"The Less You Know About Us The Better"
- CJ Systems Slogan

Current Research

CJSys is always on the cutting of developing new ways to improve your quality of life. We set our standards high as we are corporation dedicated to the comfort and culture of all.


Commerce Systems

Finance Systems

Design Systems

Food Systems: (A)kureyri Biscut, Fraser Seafood, FUD Inc, Palouse Farms, Soylent Corporation

Health Systems: Psycho Neurotic Institute For The Very Very Nervous

Industrial Systems

Media Systems

Policy Systems: AND Corporation, Trondheim Institute, Haifa Institute, Green-Club

Safety Systems

Security Systems: Bentham Surveillance, SHARP Fence LLC

Transit Systems: Akureyri Trains, Akureyri Coaches

Utility Systems