Butch Bandits

The Butch Bandits are a group of highwaymen whom occupy most of the Northlands.


The Butch Bandits are one of most dominate and widespread burdens in the Northland territory, and have plagued the denizens of the area since the 1800s. The Scarabian Confederation have charged them with arson, robbery, disorderly conduct, train hijacking, racketeering, squatting, destruction of property, livestock poaching, and aiding & abetting illegal nougats. However, there has been minimal effort to neutralize the organization due to the northlands falling outside of the influence of the confederation due to political barriers between the local populations.

Historians believe the group originates from the Barsyn Kingdom and migrated off the main island after the Imperial Conquest War.

Recent History

Butch Bandit activity has spiked ever since Mayor Syntax took office in SW City. Some believe that Mayor Syntax may in fact be a member of the Butch Bandits himself, and is using his political power to secretly assist the group.