Book's Due

Book's Due

Book's Due is a short search and recovery quest; it is the only quest in Phoenix Coast. To begin the quest, speak with John Richmen -- the Nimbusian on the park bench in Phoenix Estates. He has lost a book that's due very soon -- help him recover it in time to avoid a late fee!

If you complete the quest after the time limit, your reward will be greatly reduced.

People of Interest

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Quest Help

How long do I have to complete this quest?

  • From the moment you begin the quest, you have 15 minutes to complete it. You can still turn the quest in after the 15 minutes are up, but your reward will be greatly reduced.

I can't find the book!!!

  • Remember what the questgiver told you! They lost the book somewhere around the pool area. Be sure to search thoroughly, and ask nearby NPCs for help!

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