Beginner's Quest

Beginner's Quest

The Beginner's Quest is the tutorial quest for SW City Interactive, intended to introduce the players with the Scarabian User Terminal as well as some items related to gameplay.

Players can speak with Colin White to begin the quest. He is located in the Quest Wing of the SW City Interactive Headquarters building, which is northeast of ground zero at Town Square Park.

People of Interest

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Quest Help

What is a Scarabian User Terminal?

  • A Scarabian User Terminal (SUT) is a blue computer terminal that is commonly available across SW City. If you click on the computer screen you can access a large number of tools related to your SW City Interactive experience.
  • The nearest SUT to Colin should be inside the SWI HQ building; try looking near one of the walls.

How do I edit my profile?

  • You can edit your profile by accessing a Scarabian User Terminal.
  • Once you're in the terminal, notice the top menu bar. On this menu bar, select User > Edit Profile
    • The 'Edit Profile' option appears when you hover over the word 'User.'
  • You can edit your profile from this page. All edit options have a helpful description as well.

Where is Cindy Cirrus?

  • Cindy Cirrus can be found in the basement of Grand Central Station.
  • To get there from the SW City Headquarters Building, simply head out of the quest wing and follow the path left. Helpful signs have been posted to direct you.
  • Many quests ask you to explore the city to achieve your objective, and this one is a good starting point to learn to look for visual cues! All of the city's major transportation networks meet up at Grand Central Station. You can follow the monorail on a map to the building, or perhaps the train route as well.

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